We’ve built our livelihoods on fixing all major house hold appliances: Washer Repair Calgary, Dryer Repair Calgary, Dish Washer , Washing Machine Repair Calgary, Fridge Repair Calgary & Stove Repair

Home Appliances On Sale are responsible for repairing, installing and maintaining home appliances. They may work on-site to repair, maintain, or install larger appliances or in repair shops to repair smaller appliances and commercial appliance repair in Los Angeles.

 When your Dishwasher or Washer breaks you can really feel the stress from the dirty dishes piling up or the fact that you have no more clean clothes left in the closet. Home Appliances On Sale always break at the most inopportune times!!! You finally get home from work or school after a long day to find your hallway carpet sopping wet from the washer leaking or that you just went shopping and filled the refrigerator up just to find out that the next morning the refrigerator and freezer are not cold!! so much for the $$HUNDREDS$$ you just spent at the store.

We’re pleased to offer residential appliance repair throughout the region, always aiming for superior customer service and exceptional results. Whether you need refrigerator repair because of a cooling issue or dryer repair because your unit is overheating, we’re ready to step in. We work with most major brands and models, both gas and electric, and we have a significant knowledge base related to what differentiates various brands from one another. Ready to deal with your broken appliance once and for all? 

We use the latest equipment and procedures to safeguard our customers, their property, and their time.

  • Prompt, On Time Service.
  • 1-Year Warranty on All Complete Repairs.
  • Factory Trained, Licensed, and Bonded.
  • Convenient Scheduling Windows.