Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

Specializing in both gas and electric clothes dryer services, our team operates throughout Los Angeles and nearby localities. With an extensive inventory of parts on-hand, we typically accomplish first-visit repairs on a wide range of prominent clothes dryer brands.

For efficient clothes dryer restoration in Los Angeles, connect with us. Rest assured, we have the expertise to bring your old or new dryer back to optimal functionality.

If your clothes emerge from the dryer still damp and moist, this could indicate a need for a professional repair. Don’t hesitate to enlist our experienced dryer repair professionals to accurately identify and resolve any issues with your appliance.

Common Dryer Problems:

  • Dryer Not Starting Properly
  • Takes Too Long To Dry
  • Dryer Makes Noise or Rattling Sounds
  • Clothes Are Not Fully Dried
  • Dryer Stops Before Cycle Finished
  • Dryer Never Heats Up
  • Making Clicking Noises

As professionals in dryer repair, we pride ourselves on our swift and effective approach. Over the years, we’ve successfully undertaken a multitude of dryer repairs across Los Angeles. If you’re considering purchasing a new dryer, we invite you to explore the cost-effective alternative of restoring your existing one!

Avoid the substantial investment of a brand-new clothes dryer. With our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we can promptly bring your gas or electric clothes dryer back to peak performance.

Guidance on Clothes Dryer Maintenance One of the essential steps in maintaining your dryer is ensuring the cleanliness of the vent system. Regularly check the dryer vent for any accumulated lint or other obstructions that could clog the vent line. A lint-clogged dryer is a quick path to needing a repair.

Always empty the lint trap after every dryer use. An excess of lint on the filter restricts the flow of hot air through your dryer, hampering the drying of your clothes. This obstruction could trigger the thermal fuse, leading to a necessary dryer repair.

Avoid cramming your dryer with excessive clothes. This hampers the circulation of hot air around your garments, forcing your dryer to overwork. Overloading negatively affects not only the heating elements, but also the pulleys and other internal components of your dryer.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our skilled dryer repair technicians. We serve most areas in Los Angeles! Check our service areas, or arrange an appointment online.